Testo 416 Mini-Vane Anemometer

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Testo 416 Mini-Vane Anemometer

Airflow is one of the most critical measurements for proper air conditioning performance. The compact testo 416 is an easy to use vane anemometer with attached 16 mm (0.63 in or about 5/8") vane probe on a telescoping shaft. Just enter the duct area measurements directly into the testo 416 and volume flow measurements (CFM) are shown on the clear display. Timed and multi-point mean flow calculations allow quick, easy and accurate airflow measurement. Min-Max values are one button simple, while the "Hold" function freezes the current readings in the display for easy data recording. Bright back light for dark areas.

The primary advantages of vane anemometers are speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Vane anemometers do not require air density compensation due to air temperature, humidity, or atmospheric pressure. The mini vane allows for a full duct traverse with an automatic calculation of the CFM in the duct if the dimensions are input into the instrument before the measurement is taken. If done carefully the measurement error will be less than 3% and often as little as 1%total error. Changes in yaw and pitch of the probe head in the duct as much as 10% will result less than 1% error in the measurement making the mini-vane an ideal probe for field air measurement. Because of the larger probe size compared to a Pitot tube tip or hot wire, stray eddy currents will have little effect on the final measurement.


  • Direct display of volume flow (CFM)
  • Multi-point and timed mean calculations
  • Max - Min values make comparisons fast and easy
  • "Hold" button freezes readings
  • Back lit display
  • Auto-Off function
  • Comes with Soft Carry Case (0516 0191)
  • TopSafe, the indestructible protective case (optional)